NMRA Canada Executive

Steve McMullin

NMRA Canada President, Saint John, New Brunswick

Steve McMullin is a member of the Saint John Society of Model Railroaders (https://sites.google.com/site/sjsmrclub) and a Director of the North Eastern Region of the NMRA.

He currently is chair for the upcoming “Port City Rails 2016” Convention in Saint John in May 2016 (www.portcityrails2016.org) which will bring together members of the Maritime Federation of Model Railroaders and members of the North Eastern Region of the NMRA.

He belongs to the Operations and the Layout Design special interest groups. As a sociologist, he is Associate Professor in the faculty of theology at Acadia University.

His HO scale “Carleton Railroad” is a 1960s-era double-deck layout that is built for operations and fills his basement (www.carletonrailway.blogspot.com).


Frank Gerry

NMRA Canada Treasurer, Thunder Bay, Ontario

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Dennis Rietze

NMRA Canada Secretary, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dennis Rietze currently, is the Superintendent/President of the No. 1 Northern Division of the Thousand Lakes Region of the NMRA Inc.  (http://pullrich.wix.com/numberonenorthern) . In May of 2015 he was elected to the position of President of the Thousand Lakes Region of the NMRA Inc.

His HO layout, the Silver Springs Railway & Transportation Company (SSR&T), is being constructed in the crawl space of his home. Since moving to the new location in 1999 he has been constructing this 22ft X 22ft layout. It was featured in October of 2014 in a TV advertisement for the Winnipeg Mega Train Show.

He has been retired since 2005 from a sales position selling products to the mining and construction industries.

Dick Sutcliffe

NMRA Canada Member at Large British Columbia, Maple Ridge, BC

Involved with the MR hobby for most of the last 70 years.
Originally O scale outside third rail with my Dad – teen age rebellion to HO.
Usual break for cars, some girls, travel and start career then back in in mid-thirties.
Serve on PNR 7th div Standing Committee, including 3 terms as Superintendent
and 30 years on Trains XX show & meet, including Secretary and Chair.
Member Dewdney-Alouette Railway Society, Mainland Modular Railway Society, both HO;
Member/Volunteer B.C.Society of Model Engineers, 7.5″ gauge, Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Society – full size.
Interests CPR in ’50s, 60’s, BCER, with traction on modules. Have been known to dabble in modern railways as well.
There is some 45mm gauge in the back yard, and at the BCSME
Been DCC since 1995 on the HO, radio on the 45mm gauge.

George Jarvis

NMRA Canada Member at Large Martimes, Conception Bay South, NL

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Stephen Wood

NMRA Canada Home Office Manager

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Mark Johnson

NMRA Canada Web Manager Member, Edmonton, Alberta

Mark Johnson currently serves as webmaster for NMRA’s Pacific Northwest Region and its 6th Division, as well as the Operations SIG.  He’s been a member of the NMRA Web Development team since its inception.  He has also  co-chaired several Division meets and a PNR Regional Convention.

He models the freelance Alberta Great Western as a double-deck HO layout designed for operations, and is currently the President of the Edmonton Model Railroad Association, where he has been a member for over 50 years.

Fred Headon

NMRA Canada District Director, Winnipeg, MB

Fred was appointed to the NMRA Board in 2012 and was elected to the position in 2014. He chairs the International Committee and is a Board representative on the EduTrain™ Committee. Prior to his involvement with NMRA National, Fred was a contest judge, clinician, and Secretary of the NMRA’s Thousand Lakes Region, as well as an active member of the Winnipeg Model Railroad Club.

Fred retired in 1997 from a 35-year career as a high school educator, giving him time to pursue – and eventually attain – his MMR in 2003.

Fred models the Canadian Pacific Railway in the Canadian Shield east of Winnipeg. Choosing 1959 as a target date allows him to showcase both steam and first-generation diesels. He also includes the Canadian National Railway and the Soo Line, both of which offer freight transfer and passenger service during operating sessions.

Outside of the NMRA, Fred serves as editor and mailing coordinator for CP Tracks, a publication of the Canadian Pacific Historical Association. He served for 25 years on the Manitoba Social Science Teachers’ Association including four years as President, and served another four years as President of the Canadian Association for the Social Sciences.