NMRA Canada Executive

Ed Molenkamp

NMRA Canada President, Edmonton, AB

Ed has been a railfan and model railroader since childhood, partly thanks to growing up along the CNR mainline and a fateful ride in an Northern Alberta Railway Comboose. His modelling interest includes collecting examples of EMD F-units, and modelling the Northern Alberta Railway in HO scale. Ed’s volunteer service to the hobby is extensive, having served a number of terms as Divisional Superintendent (6th Div PNR), and as current Chair of the organizing committee of the Greater Edmonton Train Show. A frequent participant in local and regional meets across Canada and in the USA, Ed came to involvement in NMRA Canada after meeting Board members at some of these events around the country. When he is not modelling, Ed enjoys Trout fishing, family, and venturing with his wife Lynn in their vintage 1975 Barth motorhome.

Steve Juranics

NMRA Canada Vice President, Cambridge, ON

Steve lives in Cambridge, ON and has been a member of the NFR for 10 years.

He got back into Model Railroading after a 30 year hiatus.  He is a proto-freelance modeller depicting ONR and CN lines in Central Ontario in the 1980’s era.  Steve has many YouTube videos under his channel, “Muskoka Steve”.

Outside of trains, Steve works in the Automotive Industry, designing and selling returnable packaging, primarily for GM.  He enjoys Golf and going to Concerts when not in the basement working on his layout.

Frank Gerry

NMRA Canada Treasurer, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Frank Gerry lives in Thunder Bay in Northwestern Ontario. He is a retired Certified Financial Planner who worked for Sun Life Financial specializing in all financial products. Previous to that, he spent twenty five plus years in retail with both a large corporate store and small family run businesses. He is now in semi-retirement driving part time for Driving Miss Daisy.

He always been interested in old buildings as well as their history and has been on the Board of the Thunder Bay Museum and Historical Society since 2001. During that time, he has served both as Treasurer and President of the Society.

He has been a life member of the NMRA since 1977 and has also been involved at the Board level with various roles from the TLR regional secretary, to TLR President, to the Canadian NMRA President, and
now serves as Canadian NMRA treasurer.

He models in HO scale and does not follow any particular prototype but his current layout will have lots of switching opportunities. He is also helping his son with the bench work for his new layout.

He currently has three AP certificates and is looking at the requirements needed to complete the paperwork on any other certificates for his MMR.

Brian Stokes

NMRA Canada Secretary

    Brian has been a model railroader since age 3. He was fortunate to be introduced to prototypical operations at a young age and has designed and built several layouts with an operations focus. His current interests are modelling the WWII era-San Francisco Belt Railway in Proto:48 (finescale O scale), as well as the CPR and Great Northern in the B.C. Kootenays. Brian has been active in the NMRA for over 15 years and is currently working through the AP program, with 3 AP certificates towards achieving his MMR.

    Doug Johnson

    NMRA Canada Member at Large. Regina, SK

    Doug has been active in model railroading for over 25 years. He is an executive member of the Echo Valley Railroad Guild in Regina and is the Secretary of the 6 th Division of the NMRA Pacific Northwest
    Doug is a member of an On30 modular group and is building an HOn3 railroad at home, patterned after the former Alice Arm Railway in north-western B. C. He is 8 years into a 4 year project on it.
    Doug is a CPA with a public income tax practice and is co-owner of a five-pin bowling centre in Regina. His other activities include golfing, art collecting and wine appreciation.

    Stephen Wood

    NMRA Canada Home Office Manager & Registrar

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    Michael Ridout

    NMRA Canada Web Manager Member, Lethbridge, Alberta

    Michael has been around trains for as long as he can remember.  His father had a layout in their basement which was constantly under construction and Michael was always eager to help out.  Michael’s first big exposure to the world of model trains was at the NMRA National Convention which was held in Calgary in 1979.  Michael currently is involved in Free-mo, where he has numerous modules.  He primarily models Burlington Northern in the 70s with some BN/BNSF transition modelling.  Michael is also heavily involved in 3D design and printing of model railroad models and details.  Michael is also an avid photographer and has had many photos published in The BN Expediter (the quarterly publication of the Friends of the Burlington Northern Railroad).

    John Bate

    NMRA - Canada District Director, Winnipeg, MB

    John has been interested in trains since at least the age of 4, after watching the action in the CPR yard in Cranbrook, BC. He’s fairly sure that he had to be forcibly removed under loud protest. He became aware of serious scale model railroading when the NMRA National Convention was held in Winnipeg in 1983, and began with an N scale train set shortly after. His current model railroad is a freelanced short line, in N scale, set in the mountains of southern British Columbia.

    Fergus Francey

    NMRA Canada Member-At-Large, Dartmouth, NS

    Fergus began his adventures in model railroading at the age of 4 when his father exposed him to his layout, but at that age he was only allowed to look and not touch! As a teenager, Fergus got first 4×8 layout which included some tracks, a loco, and some cars after trading in a well used Lionel set.  The layout kept him occupied and out of trouble until he got enough money at 16 to buy a Rivarossi Big Boy. Unfortunately, school, life and the Canadian Coast Guard have interrupted his hobby for a while. 

    Currently Fergus is on the board of Directors for the Eastern Canada Division and is also a member of the Dartmouth Model Railway Club. He models in HO and has a layout with a Maritime Canada based theme loosely based on the CN Dartmouth Sub between Dartmouth, NS and Musquodoboit Harbour, NS. His upcoming retirement from the Canadian Coast Guard should allow him more time to devote to gardening and playing with trains.