NMRA Standards Gauge

What is an NMRA Gauge good for and why do I need it?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do cars and engines derail at the same spot all the time?
  • Is there a car that always seems to derail no matter where it is on the track?
  • Do you see sparks when a train crosses a turnout?
  • Do cars and engines sometimes derail on a turnout?
  • Do cars and engines wobble and jump when they go through a turnout?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you may have track or wheels that are out of gauge.  The NMRA Standards Gauge is necessary to ensure conformance to the NMRA standards which will allow for the proper running of trains on scale track.  The gauge provides a means by which one can check all the necessary clearances and standard dimensions of track and wheelsets.

So, you ask yourself, “Can’t I just go and buy an NMRA gauge and use it?”  Sure, you can (if you can find it at your favourite store), and you can thank the NMRA for making the tool and providing instructions on how to use it.  However, if like most of us you like saving money, NMRA Members can purchase the NMRA Gauge from the website at a discount.  In addition, NMRA members have access to additional resources to help you correct what you may find is causing your problem.

Gauges are available for the following scales: HO, HOn3, N, O, On3, On30, Sn3