Clubs: Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest Region

Model Railroad clubs throughout NMRA Canada territory have kindly submitted the following descriptions of their associations and activities

Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC and the Territories

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Calgary, Alberta Calgary Model Trainmen – CMT is currently building a large HO scale layout in our club house. Layout is 24 x 80 feet and is a walkaround style. Some narrow gauge (HOn3) is included. Some signals are currently being installed. The layout is in all stages of finish from not-yet-built to final scenery completed. We operate the fictitious Chinook Western Railway. Era is set in the late 70’s to early 80’s. Wednesday nights are our meeting nights, starting about 7:30 and going until the last person leaves.
Calgary, Alberta Calgary Model Railroad Society –  see web site for more information
Calgary, Alberta The Cantrak Society of Model Railroaders has been based in the Calgary, Alberta, area since 1975, specializing in “N-gauge” or “N-scale”, with nine millimetres between the rails and a 1:160 size ratio. We are today a module club, with members owning and detailing individual modules that can be joined together to make a much larger layout.
Calgary, Alberta Calgary Free-mo – HO Scale. Calgary Free-MO is a group of modelers building free-form modules in HO scale, to be compatible with the North American Free-MO Standards. We are open to new members at anytime. We have no limits on number of modules or participants
Calgary, Alberta Rocky Mountain Garden Railroaders – see website for more information.
Camrose, Alberta Battle River Railway Modellers – A small, informal group coming together to operate modules built to the North American Free-mo standard in HO, though individual members also model in N, HO, On30, P:48 and G. Newcomers always welcome. Contact Greg at info(at)
Edmonton, Alberta Edmonton Model Railroad Association – The Edmonton Model Railroad Association is a non-profit society dedicated to providing its members with the opportunity to build and display a large model railroad. Formed in 1946, the club has built layouts in several locations, including the CP Rail station in Old Strathcona, the South Edmonton Public Library, and the Edmonton Gardens.
Edmonton, Alberta  Edmonton Society of Model Railroad Engineers – Six hobbyists formed the club in September 1987 to build a modular-style model railroad layout. As the club grew, it was formally incorporated as a non-profit Society in January 1990. Other layouts in the club were started to accommodate the various interests of the group. Initially meeting in members’ homes, and after spending 6 years in Londonderry Mall, the club moved to Capilano Mall for a couple of years and back to Londonderry, but are now looking for a new home. The club consists of sub-groups, one for each layout. Each club member is a member of at least one of the subgroups: Edmonton N Scalers and LaBaJa.
Edmonton, Alberta  Mainline Model Railroaders Fellowship – The Mainline Model Railroaders Fellowship (MMRF) is an organization that supports and promotes the hobby of model railroading. We are a group of model railroad enthusiasts, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and promote the hobby by inviting independent and club model railroaders to participate in special events.
Edmonton, Alberta  Yellowhead Rail Club – The Yellowhead Rail Club was founded by enthusiastic model railroaders interested in taking their hobby to the public. Starting as a small traveling layout intended for shows, the group has grown to include a large collection of model railroad equipment from many eras including collectable, brass and novelty trains.
Chilliwack, British Columbia Free-mo (Coldslap Free-mo Society) began as a division of the Chilliwack Model Railway Club in the fall of 2004, after one of the members had been exposed to a relatively new concept called Free-mo. A sub-group of the CMRC was formed to pursue the Free-mo endeavour. In the summer of 2011 we formed the Coldslap Free-mo Society as a fellowship of like-minded modellers, and in July 2012 achieved registration as a society operating within BC. Over the past nine years, we have constructed a 33 foot long, 10 track yard named Coldslap Yard, as a group project. James, a steam aficionado, was industrious enough to construct a roundhouse addition to the side of the yard. Individual members have also been constructing modules of their own to expand the layout.Our primary goals are to construct a high quality layout on which to operate realistic trains, and to host or participate in as many Free-mo events as possible. We seek to follow all the specifications prescribed to construct reliable modules that can be easily connected with other such modules in North America. It has been proven time and again that compliance with the standards creates functional modules and layouts that are a pleasure to operate. Coldslap Free-mo also seeks to construct modules, and to encourage others to construct modules, that fit a general scheme of scenic treatment. We paint our fascia black and attach black skirts. The scenic elements follow a Pacific Northwest green motif. We are always willing to mentor others in the construction of compatible modules.
Chilliwack, British Columbia Chilliwack Model Railway Club
At this time, they are constructing an HO scale Free-mo modular layout that will be transported to various shows, set-ups, and get-togethers. The club also has an N scale modular layout depicting the area between Chilliwack and Vancouver. It is also transported to various public shows and facilities. They welcome any and all persons who desire to participate and to share knowledge. We have modellers interested in all scales, and in all railroads. Some prefer the steam era, some the transitional era, and others the modern era. Some members wish to partake actively in construction and operation, while others prefer the social aspects.  Please see the website for more information
Kamloops, British Columbia Kamloops Heritage Model Railroaders
The Kamloops Heritage Model Railroaders have been active since 1977.
We are working on a new layout while we are preparing our ex-CN baggage car as our future home in Pioneer Park.
We meet at 1900 hrs (7 PM) on the first Thursday of the month with additional workshops as required.
Annual membership is $30 per year.
Discounts at local hobby stores.
New members welcome!
Phone: President Bill Hadgkiss 250-554-3233
Rossland, British Columbia Golden City Railway Modellers – At present we have 19 members from Rossland, Trail, Fruitvale, Montrose and Castlegar area and are always looking for new members. We have a modular layout that depicts the numerous mines, railways and buildings of the City of Rossland B.C. from early 1900’s to around 1950’s. Each module shows a different area and time of Rossland and we have tried to model each scene as historically accurately as possible. It is currently on display at the Waneta Mall in Trail, B.C. on Wednesday and Saturdays from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm. We have been working on the layout since the fall of 2006 and eventually hope to be able to take the layout to shows and conventions. Website: Email:
Salmon Arm, British Columbia Salmon Arm Model Railroad Association –  We have a portable sectional layout open to the public every Saturday in Piccadilly Mall in Salmon Arm, BC We are a small group of modellers who have experienced a good deal of success including Best In Show at the NMRA Convention in 2004. We welcome new members to our meetings on Tuesday evenings.   You can contact us at Box 500 Piccadilly Mall 1151 – 10th Ave SW Salmon Arm, BC V1E 1T3
Vancouver, British Columbia Vancouver TraiNGang – see website for more information
Victoria, British Columbia Victoria Model Railway Club – We are located on Vancouver Island in Victoria, British Columbia. Although we do not have a permanent location for a layout we do have two portable, sectional layouts (O scale and HO scale) that we take to shows. On occasion we are fortunate to have the use of empty stores in local shopping malls to setup the layouts for extended periods.
Regina, Saskatchewan Echo Valley Railway Guild – The Echo Valley Railway Guild strongly support the hobby of model railroading. It with other model railroaders has taken on the task of producing a regional and two divisional NMRA conventions. The guild opens it’s doors to the school children at least once a year. Together with the Regina Model Railroad Club we have sponsored a model railroad show starting in 2003 that combined separate shows going backseveral years into a larger show.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  Saskatoon Railway Modellers – see website for more information.