NMRA Canada Office Communications

The NMRA Canada office is totally operated by volunteers. Volunteers allow us a much lower dues structure than we could afford with paid staff. If you require assistance or information, please contact the president or the office manager. Since these are volunteer positions, please allow a few days for any response to email or other inquiries – we have day jobs but we try to respond as quickly as possible.

Customer service is a high priority and we will attempt to treat you as we would like to be treated. But like any other volunteer organization there can be errors or miscommunication, so if you have a question or we need to fix your membership problem let us know. Please provide your membership number whenever you contact us, and remember to update your email address and provide any change of address information.

Please note: We process all new memberships or renewals, including payments, between the 18th and 22nd of each month. If your membership or renewal is not received by the cut-off date for that month, it will be held over to the following month. Payment will only be processed when the membership is processed.

Membership processing and renewal requires a lot of cooperation between NMRA Canada and NMRA Headquarters in Tennessee and several items are tied to the deadlines such as the NMRA Magazine. New membership cards are mailed by the end of each month.

If you believe your membership should have made the cut-off date, and you don’t receive your membership card by the 15th of the following month, please contact us!

Ed Molenkamp, NMRA Canada President
Stephen Wood, NMRA Office Manager/Registrar