Video Rentals

Information for Canadians wishing to rent Videos from the A.C. Kalmbach Library

There are 3 categories of videos available to all NMRA Members

Clinic Videos

Please note that currently only the Clinic Videos category is available to be mailed from Canada. The Prototype and Modelling videos have to be rented from the A. C. Kalmbach Library in Chattanooga, TN.

  1. To rent a video from the Clinic Videos category, members should contact the NMRA (Canada) Librarian by email or by telephone 705-653-4902.

These videos are all available on DVD.

The cost of renting a DVD is $5.00 per title which covers the cost of postage and packaging materials required to deliver the DVD to the member and for returning to the librarian.

This fee can be paid by cheque or money order payable TBA

When a member receives the DVD they must use the enclosed stamped and pre-addressed envelope for returning the DVD to the librarian according to the enclosed instructions.

Some titles are available on VHS tape in NTSC format but the rental cost is based on postage required to mail the tape to the member; please contact Librarian for the applicable rate to your location as postage is charged by Postal Address.

2.    To rent a video from the Prototype or Modelling Videos categories, members should go to the  A.C. Kalmbach Library web page.

The videos in the categories Prototype and Modelling Videos are available on VHS, NTSC Format except where noted on the list. Some are available on DVD.

The cost of renting titles from these categories is $5.00 US funds per disk/ VHS tape and can be paid by credit card, cheque or money order, contact A.C. Kalmbach Library in Chattanooga for details.

This fee covers packaging and postage to deliver the video to the member; however  the member is responsible for paying the cost of shipping the video(s) back to the A.C. Kalmbach Library in Chattanooga, TN. USA.

If you have any questions please contact the NMRA (Canada) Librarian