Live Skype Call in Show

Just a reminder to all members there will be a Live Skype Call in Show tomorrow night   Saturday November 23 at 7:30 eastern Standard time till 9:30 pm EST. Please click on the link in the header for full information on how to get Skype and participate.
The format of the show will be a short introduction, NMRA Canada Business, and then we will talk model railroading…from that point on we will let the participants dictate where the show goes.

Video: We will not be using the video portion of Skype on our calls.

We would strongly suggest if you’re going to participate rather than just listen to the show you go out and buy a mic and head set, this will reduce the background noise

The method used by Skype to establish a conversation is not the same as talking on a regular telephone. This requires taking some extra steps to ensure good quality sound. If you’d like to participate in the meeting, please find a quiet place to call in from. Background noise (such as radio, TV, cooling fan, or even an open window) or another discussion happening in the same room, gets picked up by your microphone even when you are not talking. This extra noise makes it harder for our host to manage the call in real time (he may have to mute your line frequently)
While on the call, please avoid typing on your keyboard or many of the typical activities associated with the hobby workbench. Sawing, sanding, filing, and other tasks can all be heard through your mic. All these extra noise inputs can sometimes overpower the voice of the person who is speaking. They took the time and effort to call in to the meeting, and deserve an equal chance to be heard.
We would ask that all callers respect other callers on the Skype call.  Any improper language or behaviour will result in removal by the host
When there are many members on the call, you will be asked to mute your mic and the host will call you in to participate in the call allowing a better conversation and discussions.
Please also use the instant messaging during the call to add comments to the discussion or request to ask a question or make a comment. It will add to your participation in the show.

Look forward to you calling in!
Clark Kooning, MMR

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