2020 NMRA Canada Elections


John Bate

I have been interested in trains since at least the age of 4, when my parents took me to see the action in the CPR yard in Cranbrook, BC. That’s too long ago to remember much, but I’m fairly sure that I had to be forcibly removed under protest. My eyes were opened to serious scale model railroading when the NMRA National Convention was held in Winnipeg in 1983. I immediately purchased an N scale train set and began building a switching layout on a shelf. But shortly afterwards, I acquired a wife, a house, and two children, so progress was slow.

I am now a recently retired Computer Science professor, and can devote more time to our hobby. I do not have an MMR to add to my PhD yet, but I’m working on it, with two APs nearly complete, and a few more in progress. I have given clinics at National and Regional conventions, and at Division events. You can view one of my clinics, if you like, in the Members Only section of the NMRA website.

I have a lot of administrative experience to bring to the table as well, having been the Secretary of NMRA Canada and the Treasurer of the Winnipeg Model Railroad Club. I spent eleven years as the Head of Computer Science at the University of Manitoba, and six years as the Secretary of the Canadian Association for Computer Science. I’ve also been an Associate Head, a Co-op Program Director, and the Chair of more committees than I care to remember.

Most of my experience, and my clinics, have been in the areas of electronics, computers, programming, Arduinos, etc., and I believe that the NMRA must be careful to keep abreast of trends in these areas in order to remain relevant to new generations of model railroaders. I am confident that I can make significant contributions as an NMRA Board member.


Ed Molenkamp

It is with excitement for the futures of the NMRA in Canada and for our great hobby that I have put my name forward for the position of NMRA Canada President. 

I have had the privilege of serving the NMRA Canada as Vice President, as well as serving as the PNR 6th Division Superintendent on two separate occasions spanning 16 years. During this time, I have had the good fortune of attending numerous NMRA events around Canada. One such event, a regional meet in Kitchener, Ontario in reminded me of why I volunteer for the NMRA. It was a very spontaneous trip with some fellow PNR 6th Div members to a completely new Region for me. The welcome reception we got from the local members, the fantastic modelling we saw, and the great times and friendships we made are what this hobby and the NMRA are all about for me. 

As 6th Div Superintendent I’ve had the chance to work with some fantastic folks to grow our membership and increase the NMRA presence in the Division. I have been able to travel around the Divisions and Regions to various events. I am excited to continue that at a national level as President of NMRA Canada, and to build on the hard work of previous Executives. Most of all, I look forward to meeting you, learning of what you are doing locally, and discussing how we can help and support you in serving our members well and growing this great hobby of ours. That is why I will make every effort to attend NMRA events all around Canada in order to support your great work. 


Steve Juranics

After a 34 year hiatus from model railroading, I jumped back into the hobby in 2010.  During the last ten years, I joined the NMRA, made many instructional YouTube videos under the name of Muskoka Steve, been WOD Superintendent and chaired the 2017 NFR Convention.  I’ve completed the requirements for six AP Certificates and currently am the WOD AP representative.  I’ve travelled to several National Conventions and promoted the NMRA Modeller’s Corner at many shows, including Trainfest in Milwaukee, WI.

I’d like to continue to do what I can to support the NMRA and promote the hobby within Canada.